Friday, 30 November 2012

Ferrari-Lamborghini Showdown

Life is full of Surprises, and its not everyday that you see Superhot Italian Supercars side by side. very lucky that MC had her Nikon D5100 on-hand to immortalize this rare 2-in-1 sighting of Italy's sizzling hot cars.

Ferrari Italia and Lamborghini Aventador

rear view ( sorry for the picture quality )

See you next time for more photos of your dream cars, Thanks for viewing!

Thursday, 29 November 2012

My Toyota 86 Collection (Diecast)

This is Probably my favorite Tomica Diecast Car: The Toyota 86

Tomica #46 Toyota 86

Side View with functioning doors
Toyota 86 in Thunder Silver and Mount Fuji Red

Mount Fuji Red Toyota 86

What is your favorite diecast/ actual car? let me know in the comments section... Thanks for viewing!

Text and Photos by the Author.

Takara Tomy Tomica Morita Airport Crash Tender

Takara Tomy Tomica Airport Crash Tender

This is a specialised firefighting vehicle commonly seen in airport tarmacs, and is known for its unique ability of being able to run at high speeds while still being easily drivable. this specific model is a replica of Morita's Crash Tender.

Different Angle

Monday, 26 November 2012

Buying Books Online (Free Delivery to the Philippines)

Purchasing Books Online and Shipping them to the Philippines (or anywhere in the world)

Free Delivery on all Calendars at the Book Depository where i bought my book 8 )

Hi there Technolifers! i know that most of you are interested on how to shop online for books but are very hesitant to try because of fear that your orders will get lost.

Fear no more because I have verified that ordering books online via is a safe and wise choice if the book selection in your local bookstore is very limited. I ordered David Busch's Canon Powershot G12 camera guide from because my local bookstores here in the Philippines don't stock this book and some of them even don't have a section dedicated to Photography books. I immediately used my Debit card and purchased my book and availed of the free worldwide delivery offer which includes the Philippines.

No need to worry about customs fee also for Philippine residents as there is a law exempting customs duties if you import one book from overseas.

Here is my timeline of my order from

October 19 2012: Placed Order online using Mastercard
October 23 2012: Order was dispatched from warehouse
November 21 2012: Package delivered to my doorstep here in the Philippines. (approximately 1 month after ordering, not bad)

the book came in very good condition

my order details

To check if has the books you are looking for you may do a quick search here:

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Rumble in The Jungle

It's more fun in the Philippines! You can't beat the thrill of going full throttle in your Bike, away from the hustle and bustle of the urban landscape. Shots were taken at the Racetrack inside Villa Teresita Resort located in the town of Ma-asin, Iloilo, Philippines which is just 10-15 minutes away from the Iloilo International Airport. 

Villa Teresita Resort also has a Swimming Pool and a Zipline for the more adventurous folks out there. Enjoy!

The BIG Jump