Monday, 2 March 2015

Mountainbiking with the Specialized Pitch Sport

Tabionan Campsite, Bucari Leon

Mountainbiking has provided me a good form of exercise lately and has allowed me to explore new places inaccessible by other forms of transport. I have been using the Specialized Pitch Sport Bike with the 27.5" wheels. The farthest and most challenging place we have gone to would be Bucari, Leon due to its remote mountainous location with an average of 600meters elevation above sea level.

Specialized Pitch Sport
Very close to where i stay currently there is the Iloilo Flood Control project and its a good place to practice bike handling in rough roads. The Specialized pitch sport handles this kinds of terrain with ease.

the author
Will be keeping you posted on my next upgrades and adventures soon.

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Biking around Iloilo City, Philippines

I just picked up a new Specialized Pitch Sport hardtail bike last November and i have been riding it daily eversince. I get to see my hometown upclose and get a good exercise as well.
My Seaside Bike Trail

My Specialized Bike overlooking Guimaras Strait

At Jaro Grand Estates Bridge

my personal record for distance travelled (2weeks preparation)
Museo Iloilo stop on my longride

Let me know if you're dropping by Iloilo City soon so we could schedule a fun ride!

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Hilux 4x4 G Manual Transmission

The Holidays are nearly here and its time to shop for a new Toyota Hilux. Bring home a Toyota Hilux 4x4G Manual and enjoy the benefits of the powerful D4-D engine as well as the spacious interior space of the Hilux. You may contact the seller via viber: +639199977101.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Why we like Oakley X-Metals

Oakley Juliet

Originally released sometime in 1999, The Oakley Juliets are now discontinued and have developed a good following among oakley X-metal fans. These glasses are solidly built, have a very nice fit and provide very good optics, they were famously featured in the movie X-Men wherein they were worn by Cyclops.

Oakley X-Squared

Next up is the Oakley X-Squared, originally released in the Early 2000s, As part of the Xmetal line they are unique as they have a "squared" look deviating from the normally curvy Xmetal glasses like the Romeo and Juliet. They are my daily wears for now due to their excellent fit and stylish looks.

Xmetal Coin

Collectors also value complete packages of these Xmetals due to the inclusion of Xmetal coins together with the glasses, this can be traded with other coins and can drive the total package value of the glasses if they are all intact together with the original packaging and paperwork.

Its not too late to start with this hobby, all you need is a good mix of time and patience as this items can be quite tricky to acquire. Good Luck and enjoy your Xmetal Hunt! 

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

My Latest Oakley Purchases 2014

Oakley Frogskins VR46

These are Limited Edition Oakley Frogskins which are promoted by Top Motorcycle Rider Valentino Rossi, hence the VR46 Branding on these. It comes in a polished black frame with fire iridium lens, together with a unique multicolor Oakley logo on the temples. The Frogskins were first marketed during the 1980s but are now on a strong comeback and are becoming a strong alternative to Ray-Ban's Wayfarers. Upon wearing this pair one will instantly notice how light these are due to the use of O-matter on the frames. 
Oakley Frogskins

Oakley Frogskins VR46

Oakley Garage Rock

The Garage Rock is heavily influenced by the 60's rock era and features design cues such as metal temples that areobviously patterned from classic electric guitars. I really like the Matte Black frame and the Bronze lenses on these that give off a very old school rocker vibe.

Oakley Garage Rock, Matte Black/Bronze

Oakley Garage Rock

Oakley Jupiter Squared

The Jupiter Squared like the Frogskins and Garage Rock also comes from the Lifestyle line of Oakley, what sets this pair apart is the use of rubber on the frame and some design cues on the temple area meant to resemble a pocket Knife, I got the Jupiter Squared in a polished black frame and Jade green lens configuration since it is very attractive:

Oakley Jupiter Squared

Oakley Jupiter Squared Side View

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Saturday, 8 February 2014

A Weekend in Hong Kong

A short clip of our Hong Kong vacation... Details coming soon
Shot with BlackBerry Z10

Saturday, 7 December 2013

2014 Toyota Rav 4 (On Road Video)

The King of Fun is Back! Get ready to take a ride with the Toyota Rav 4! The Revolutionary Active Vehicle that has captured the hearts of Toyota fans is back and this video proves that the TOYOTA Rav4 is here to stay! Once again Reuben Diesel takes the steering wheel and shows us how to enjoy the Power and comfort of the 2014 TOYOTA Rav 4. Order yours today! Leave a comment below. Thanks for stopping by!