Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Why we like Oakley X-Metals

Oakley Juliet

Originally released sometime in 1999, The Oakley Juliets are now discontinued and have developed a good following among oakley X-metal fans. These glasses are solidly built, have a very nice fit and provide very good optics, they were famously featured in the movie X-Men wherein they were worn by Cyclops.

Oakley X-Squared

Next up is the Oakley X-Squared, originally released in the Early 2000s, As part of the Xmetal line they are unique as they have a "squared" look deviating from the normally curvy Xmetal glasses like the Romeo and Juliet. They are my daily wears for now due to their excellent fit and stylish looks.

Xmetal Coin

Collectors also value complete packages of these Xmetals due to the inclusion of Xmetal coins together with the glasses, this can be traded with other coins and can drive the total package value of the glasses if they are all intact together with the original packaging and paperwork.

Its not too late to start with this hobby, all you need is a good mix of time and patience as this items can be quite tricky to acquire. Good Luck and enjoy your Xmetal Hunt! 

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