Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Should you buy a Blackberry Playbook?

The Blackberry Playbook is Research in Motion's first foray into the very hot Tablet market, competing with the Galaxy Tabs, iPads and the soon to be released Surface tablet from Microsoft. Here we review the 16GB version.

Blackberry Playbook Home Screen

After the much awaited 2.0 OS update, the Blackberry Playbook has now a native email app and a calendar, Features that were eagerly anticipated by most of the existing current playbook users.

Unique Features:

One of the unique features of the Playbook is its ability to sync with your Blackberry phone via a special application known as Blackberry Bridge, a very simple to use program that allows your Playbook to use your Blackberry Phone's 3G connection when there is no Wi-fi hot spot available.

The Playbook also features native flash support which allows you to fully enjoy websites created with full flash animation and gives you a richer Youtube video quality as compared with other tablets like the iPad which uses the html5 format.

Dual cameras with 1080p support enables you to take HD quality pictures and videos with the built in front and back cameras on the Playbook.

The Playbook is also capable of HDMI output which means you can connect your playbook to your HDTV and enjoy your videos and photos on your very own Big screen.. Nice right?

Conclusion: At $199 US, The Blackberry Playbook 16GB gives you the best value for money, offering you native flash support, HDMI out and a more portable tablet as compared with iPad and even Microsoft's upcoming Surface. Highly recommended for those who want to maximize their Blackberry smartphone experience and for those not bothered by the lack of 3G connection.

Once you go Black(berry), You can never go back!

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